The Collective

Space purpose-built for entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. As a member of The Collective, we provide the space and tools for you to grow your business. Our first two-year collective will focus on the challenge of "How do we better connect community to the outdoors?" This could include anything from urban agriculture nonprofits to ag-tech startups to people who ask us to interact with the world differently.


Beam Imagination is a creative studio that developed the vision of how CreateATL can benefit the neighborhood that they've called home for seven years.
sCAMPer Van
sCAMPer Van is the Southeast's first and only camper van rental and custom build business that delivers the outdoors to you. Check out their bright, beautiful vans here.
Produce'd is a local hydroponic vertical farming business that asks us to consider how we can integrate healthy eating and technology into our lives.
Please reach out here regarding corporate sponsorship and partnership.


CreateATL aims to provide space for causes and nonprofits who are vital to Atlanta's collective quest for creating the beloved community.

CreateATL has hosted events by the creative industry workforce development non-profit re:imagine/ATL. They focus on advancing diversity and youth representation in Atlanta's creative businesses. Learn more about them here.
Atlanta Volunteer
Lawyers Foundation
During the COVID pandemic, we provided a space to the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation as they provided critical mortgage and rental assistance to over 20 families.
Learn more about them here.


By giving space to socially-minded entrepreneurs and our neighbors, we invite them to share a seat at the table. Together we can create the connective tissue that our society needs today. By day this space has ample seating to chill or concentrate and transforms at night into a one-of-a-kind event space connected to the outdoors.